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Terms of contract


§1 Reservation

1. Reservation can be made by e-mail, over the phone or in person at the office

2. Apartments are rented per days, excluding the period from the summer or at any other time limit chosen by the customer, where existing capacity.

3. A confirmation of booking will make a deposit of 30% of the total cost of your stay into the company account given in the confirmation of acceptance of preliminary  booking.

4. Installment should to be paid within two working days of receipt of the initial booking confirmation

5. The form which will receive the customer a reservation confirmation after receiving installment to account, will be at the same time confirmation of the contract with the tenant.

6. Making Deposit is equivalent to knowledge of the applicable Rules of rental housing and in its acceptance.

7. The person making the booking at least two days prior, make the full payment upon receipt of keys.

8. Any changes made to the reservation deadline is possible as far as existing conditions. In the event that the reservation made isn?t possible, it remains in effect.

§2 The arrival and departure of Customer

1. The arrival of the Customer can take place till the 15.00 pm o?clock on the first day of his stay, however  departure on the last day of stay till 10.00 am o?clock.

2. As far as the existing conditions and after having established with the staff of  the company is a possibility of the earlier arrival.

3. A later arrival than a opening hours in the office can be but only with informed in advance and on the definition of hours of an employee company.

4. The receipt of keys to the apartment by the Customer in advance after all the charges at the premises offices on the street Uzdrowiskowa 19 in Świnoujście.

5. Handing over to the Customer apartment always at the rental place, in the presence of a representative of the company, after earlier checking the state found with the stock list.

6. The receipt of  keys to the apartment by the tenant Customer is always in place on the last day of his stay.

7. For losing keys to the apartment, Customer shall bear the fee of 300 PLN.

§3 Client\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Residence

1. Tenant has a duty to ensure the conditions for full and unrestricted client stay in the apartment.

2. Wishes extension of the stay will be taken into account as far as its possibilities.

3. In apartments quiet night applies from 22.00 pm o?clock to 6.00 am.

4. In the event that the Customer in a significant way affect the peace and / or good neighbors and don?t comply with the generally applicable norms of coexistence between people, tenant reserves the right to terminate the client stay in the apartment and it is not the required to refund for the unused period of stay.

5. Client is obliged to care about preserving the principles of good neighborhood and maintain a rented apartment in good condition. The customer is obliged to immediately inform of damage caused by themselves during the stay. The equivalent of such claims and to remove the covers of their Customer.

6.  The number of people being able to settle in the  apartment is limited up to quoted in stock.

7. In all apartments the smoking of tobacco is forbidding except for places intended for it - balcony.

8.  Client is required for the proper security suite, which is understood by the exact closing doors and windows when leaving each of his careful and store keys without access to third parties.

§4 Cancellation of the booking

1.  The customer has the right to revoke the reservation, and shall notify the way e-mail or telephone tenant.

2. The cancellation of the booking by the client without incurring the cost is only when the customer will indicate a new customer to his place at the same time tenant or when the tenant will be able to rent the same apartment to another client or if the cancellation occurs at least 30 days before the scheduled date of the first day of the stay.

3. In case cancellation of booking at least 28 days before the planned stay is reimbursed 50% of installment, at least 21 days 20%, while less than 21 days paid deposit is not refundable.

4. In all cases we are deducting incurred supplementary costs from the amount of the earnest money.

5. If reservation is not canceled, the Customer is obliged to pay the total commitment for the term in the apartment reserved.

6. In the case of an earlier departure than it was planned, we aren\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t returning contributed payments for the unused time of the stay.

7.  It is not possible in the place of guests  who will leave earlier than the planned stay a third party uses.

§5 Prices

1.  The price given at each apartment is the price for the rental of a day in the times of the year, regardless of the number of people residing in it, of course, no more than is provided for the dwelling.

2. When stays longer than 7 days there is a possibility negotiated price.

3. Point 2 of Article 5 doesn?t apply to the summer (Juni, July, August).

4. Quoted prices are gross prices.

5. The price is already included charges for utilities (energy, water, gas, heating)

6. The price for apartment rental doesn?t include tax, which is payable on the day of arrival.

7. The payment for the apartment final cleaning and washing of bedding and towels are charged at one time without a significant length of stay in the day of arrival.

8. The additional exchange of the sheets or towels shall be upon request for an additional fee.

9. All payments in the office are made by cash. There is no capacity for payment cards.

§6 Protection of personal data

Making booking the Customer agrees to the processing of personal data solely for the purpose of implementing the reservation and complete the obligation registration in accordance with the provisions of the Law of 29.08.1997 on the protection of personal data. Users are entitled to inspect your personal data and update them.

§7 Final provisions

The law applicable to disputes between the tenant and the client is the Polish law. Any disputes will be settled amicably, and in another case before the court competent for the registered office tenant. Owners of luxury apartments made themselves familiar with the regulations, and accepted its provisions. In the absence of specific provisions in these Regulations the provisions of the Civil Code and relevant laws.

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